Secure Campus Mobility Solutions

As users exponentially become mobile, campus networks must evolve to deliver the required user experience in a sustainable and cost effective manner. 

It is estimated that 3.7 exabytes of traffic are generated Worldwide every month by the highly-usable windows to the World we call smartphones, eclipsing the traffic generated by the average laptop computer significantly and there are lots and lots of them; the average user having more than 3 wireless devices on them at any given time. 

Furthermore, the mobile nature of these devices means that the IT department’s domain now extends beyond the enterprise and the expectation is that users can connect from anywhere. In the modern business campus, a need for mobility and desire for fast, reliable ‘wired-less’ connectivity is pushing IT departments into turning their secure network infrastructures upside down.

Mobile Data Traffic

Mb per tablet in the UK by 2019

CAGR of mobile data traffic on tablets since 2014

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  • Reduce the burden of providing seamless connectivity to all campus users
  • Adopt a contextual security model that can extend to any user, on any device in any location
  • Improve user experience
  • Ensure that your tech refresh cycles are better aligned to the future of smart devices and associated user expectation

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While re-tasking network cores to ensure the primary grunt delivered by existing investment is focused on where the data actually is marks a significant starting point in meeting user expectation and their desire for all things mobile, but there are a range of other challenges and opportunities in the less-wired campus of today that need addressing to ensure a strategy that is future-proof and offers real value over and above connecting users with the information they need.

Alternative Secure Campus Mobility solutions allow a unified approach to meeting the needs of users and overcoming the challenges of making tech investments deliver a secure, seamless and engaging user experience without placing undue stress on the IT teams throughout the entire life-cycle.

The six key tenets of a successful secure campus mobility architecture are;
• Delivering ease of use and rapid enablement as standard
• Putting speed, resiliency and security must be at the heart of the campus network
• A unified contextual approach to both wired and wireless access
• A structured method for learning from and reacting to user behaviours
• Creating a Security model that covers the entire ‘campus’ - Inside, Outside, Worldwide!

Wi-Fi Chipsets

billion Wi-Fi chipsets to be shipped between 2016 & 2021


Secure Campus Mobility