Alternative tailors IT solutions for Impellam


Impellam provides scalable, flexible and high-performance I.T. infrastructure and services to its 2,500 UK and US based employees. However, just one support person was responsible for delivering all Impellam's applications and data to users. Clearly such a model was highly risky for the business.

Impellam needed a way to ensure seamless and comprehensive support, without wasting money on under-utilised resources and staff.

Designing a solution with Impellam

To solve this dilemma, being a Citrix Platinum Partner, Alternative provided tailored, outsourced support for Impellam’s on-site I.T. team using Citrix technology. A personalised approach, high technical competence and broad service capability gave us the tools to foster a unique and productive partnership as an integral part of the Impellam team.

Control through Visibility

With the presence of the 24/7 NOC team both Alternative and Impellam have visibility and the ability to react as soon as issues are raised with the infrastructure at any time of the day.

End-to-End Accountability

As well as general support, Alternative carried out ongoing monitoring and best practice processes to encourage platform service improvements. Along the way, these checks revealed a number of performance issues which were resolved quickly and successfully. Alternative’s Continuous Service Improvement Programme (CSIP)maintains this commitment to optimal service.

Business Outcome

Since implementation, platform performance has considerably improved across Impellam’s I.T. estate. Conservatively, it has been estimated that by saving each Impellam employee one minute a day in administrative time, the firm will potentially save £157,500 in I.T. costs every year.

Impellam Group plc

Impellam Group plc is a leading provider of Managed Services and Specialist Staffing expertise. Primarily based in the UK and North America, the company provides fulfilling jobs to doctors, lawyers, accountants, nurses, teachers, scientists, receptionists, drivers, chefs, administrators, shop assistants and engineers through 14 specialist brands across a broad range of sectors. Impellam employs around 6,000 employees including 2,500 managers and consultants across 250 offices.