A global productivity solution for Appointment Group


The Appointment Group are an international organisation with centralised Citrix resources located in the UK. Staff use this infrastructure for their day to day workflows with connections initiated from locations spread across the globe.


A common issue experienced with this delivery model is WAN latency a problem which is typically reported as poor session performance. The Appointment Group have experienced these issues particularly with their branch offices located in Australia. Alternative were engaged to investigate and provide a solution to optimise their Citrix sessions.


Alternative used their expertise with the Citrix product stack to design and deploy a WAN optimisation proof of concept based on Citrix CloudBridge. Unlike other vendors the CloudBridge product is natively aware of the Citrix ICA protocol and is particularly suited for optimising Citrix sessions over high latency connections and drastically improving the perceived user session experience.


As a result of engaging with Alternative Professional Services, The Appointment Group have a fully functioning CloudBridge platform which is optimising connections between Australia and the UK. Furthermore the solution has provided a framework that will allow The Appointment Group to extend the CloudBridge product to new offices in the future. Most importantly the Australian user community has remarked on the significant improvement delivered through the use of these devices.

“As a result of engaging with Alternative Professional Services, The Appointment Group have managed to address the challenges associated with accessing data centre resources over high latency connections.  The Appointment Group now has a fully functioning CloudBridge WAN optimisation infrastructure which is accelerating connections between Australia and the UK.” Nilesh Jethwa, IT Operations Manager, Appointment Group

The Appointment Group

The Appointment Group is an award-winning global, independent event and corporate travel management company dedicated to clients around the clock from offices in London, Manchester, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Nashville, Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore.