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Alternative Networks plc is not listed on any other exchange or trading platform.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

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The following section is correct as at 1st December 2016.

There are 49,759,741 shares of Alternative Networks plc in issue.
Treasury 14,387,108 shares (equivalent to 28.91%) are held by the directors or related parties and are not in public hands.
AN EBT 1,161,576 shares are held by the Alternative Networks Employee Benefit Trust (equivalent to 2.33%).

Significant shareholders, excluding PLC directors or related parties, (with shareholdings above 3%) are as follows:

Fund Manager


Percentage of issued share capital

James Murray & Related Parties 14,344,488 28.83%
Mr Chris Wilson 4,159,699 8.36%
Octopus Investments 3,985,587 8.01%
Mr Edward Spurrier 2,959,276 5.95%
Mr James Sewell 1,865,899 3.75%
Herald Investment Mgt 2,031,520 4.08%
Coltrane Asset Mgt 1,971,279 3.96%
RBS Equities 2,561,403 5.15%
Oddo Meriten Asset Mgt 1,979,243 3.98%