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It's never been easier to work remotely than it is right now. Regardless of where in the world you are, your mobile gives you the ability to work as if you were sat at your desk. Employees travelling the world have unprecedented access to applications and information that allows them to work flexibly, efficiently and effectively.

However, unpredictable costs, tales of bill shock and data security threats are making businesses less likely to take advantage of these advances on virtual working to avoid the potential risks.

Alternative are working hard to give our customers the best of both worlds - providing international roaming tariffs with predictability that will enable you to get the best out of your employees when they're abroad.


At Alternative we understand that finding the balance between enabling effectiveness and controlling costs is becoming more and more important. We think that we’ve found the answer by creating the right tariff.

We also understand that a tariff is only part of the answer. Ensuring your corporate information is secure and safe has never been more important. We’ve partnered with the right technology vendors to make complete mobile security a reality

Remove the risk by making your international roaming costs predictable

Voyager+ is Alternative’s unique approach to international roaming, offering a shared bundle that includes data, calls and SMS. On average, this tariff saves customers 20% on their roaming costs.

We’ve also taken a tiered approach to the tariff, meaning that no matter what your profile looks like we’ll have a bundle that suits your needs. Voyager+ will provide you and your employees the cost certainty that leads to risk free roaming.

Secure the device, secure your information

The growth in mobile devices has created more opportunity for hackers to steal corporate and personal data. At the same time, the increase in apps and video content, together with the adoption of 4G, means the demand for data has grown massively.

Businesses are challenged because they cannot protect, predict or control this mobile data. Wandera and Airwatch offer an integrated solution that helps enterprises prevent threats, enforce corporate policy and gain valuable insight into mobile usage.

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Save 20% on International Roaming
  • Tiered bundle including data, calls and SMS
  • Achieve predictability and cost certainty
  • Remove the risk while roaming
  • Work effectively while abroad

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