Our Process Methodology

Process Methodology graph
Traditionally, IT projects follow a recognised path of four distinct phases: assess, plan, build and manage. Alternative has taken these phases and coupled them with industry best practice, together with ITIL and PRINCE standards, to create a bespoke seven phase methodology for project acceleration and cloud transformation.


A clear understanding of the business outcomes and technical requirements, along with product and solution options.

High level costs and proposed project timescales.


Discover, analyse and document the required information to enable detailed design recommendations.


Detailed solution design and project planning relating to all aspects of the technical and service implementation.

Detailed costs and refined project timescales.

What is in and out of scope together with quantified risks.


Implementation of the solution based on the technical design and defined scope.

Validation of design principles.


Stringent infrastructure and\or user acceptance testing against success criteria. Remediation based on testing results.


Controlled, managed and supported transition into production and service.


Ongoing support and management of the new solution through flexible service level orientated agreement. Fully customisable service that meets business outcomes.

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