Alternative Virtual Workspaces

The evolution of the workplace is happening at a phenomenal rate, with work now firmly in the camp of something people do rather than a place they go to on Monday morning.

The ability to take a workspace with you, or better still tap into one from wherever you happen to be when you need it, is fast becoming a reality, creating the opportunity for greater efficiency, productivity and effectiveness at work, whatever or wherever that needs to be.

Virtual workspaces represent a super-flexible presentation of everything the user needs to more effectively fulfil their role, optimised to allow the secure, reliable and cost-optimised delivery of business applications and desktop environments anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
“Businesses have a clear need to reduce cost and improve efficiency of back-end infrastructure and establish better control over mobile resources.  Workspace Virtualisation helps accomplish both of these goals”

TechAisle, 2016

“Organisations adopting a virtual workspace solution can experience significant business value with high return on investment (RoI)”

IDC, 2015

Employees can move seamlessly between devices, whilst maintaining the same Windows desktop environment, applications and files as they do so - from desktop computer to tablet to smartphone to public internet café - always safe in the knowledge their access is secure irrespective of access method.

Alternative work in partnership with customers to understand how their unique virtual workspaces will need to manifest so they can adapt to optimise efficiency and productivity gains going forward.  We then design a solution that creates a framework that delivers the required immediate functionality now, but is flexible and agile enough to change and develop as your business does in the future.

Virtual workspaces allow you to more effectively deliver better security, higher availability and enhanced user experience while optimising costs and removing the overheads associated with 'keeping the lights on'.  Additionally this allows your IT teams to focus on delivering the strategic projects that can really make a difference to the business.

3 Key Drivers for Virtual Workspaces


 Highly effective, centralised multi-layer security


 User experience excellence


 Cost optimisation and improved strategic focus

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  • Use Virtual Workspaces to improve the way you work
  • Make your staff more productive
  • Deliver enhanced security against a backdrop of consumerisation
  • Optimise costs and remove unnecessary infrastructure overheads



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