The way in which we communicate through technology is diverse and continually shifting, making consistent communication across all levels of the enterprise increasingly difficult. To succeed, employees, partners and customers need to be able to collaborate effectively from anywhere and at any time.

And in this connected age, effective communication is less via a single media channel. Collaboration brings assets together, letting organisations communicate with customers, partners and colleagues in the most appropriate and effective way for that particular exchange; be it one-to-one, or multi-party conferencing, voice, mobile, audio, web, video and instant messaging.

The fusion of multi-point voice, video, screen and document sharing into a single collaborative engagement is becoming the de facto way of elevating a plethora of excellent technical features into an effective collaboration solution for business. Mapped closely to the business outcomes required by organisations of all sizes and types. Alternative’s collaboration solutions are designed to deliver seamless, reliable and effective tools that allow workers to get the very best out of engagement with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

How we can make Collaboration work for you:

Professional Services

We provide a number of key professional services to help you leverage transformational technologies in order to achieve your strategic business objectives.

Networks and Connectivity

Alternative’s networks and connectivity solutions help businesses meet their high performance network goals with new levels of security, availability, performance, and operational simplicity.


Our mobile solutions are implemented to meet challenges such as that of BYOD, the advent of 4G and a multi-platform choice.

IT Services

Moving your IT to cloud-based computing can enable faster and more efficient business models via our hosted managed solutions such as Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Fixed Voice

Our FutureVoice service includes leading telephony solutions such as SIP, Non-Geographical Numbers, Call Management and ISDN.