Innovation around the workspaces people use and the way they collaborate with colleagues, customers and suppliers has a critical but common requirement: a scalable, robust and secure underlying infrastructure that enables dependable connectivity between users and machines.

Integration is key

Providing this in the context of the wide range of places people now work and connectivity options that permeate these spaces, requires much more than well-engineered silos of wired and wireless networks.  The infrastructure of the future demands a level of connectivity that can only be delivered through tightly integrated LAN, WLAN, WAN, 4G and Internet-based services.

The rise of XaaS

Infrastructure of course extends to more than the plumbing required to shift bits and bytes around the extended workplace. The advent of as-a-service (XaaS) and cloud is increasingly driving the inclusion of hosted and managed storage, compute and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) into this arena.   This makes it quicker and easier for customers to procure the highly accessible end-to-end infrastructures they require to deliver the services they need to meet their business outcomes.  When harmonised in this fashion, cost profiles change and the overheads associated with delivering business applications are dramatically reduced.

Alignment to objectives

Creating an infrastructure that ensures the delivery of mission critical services means a top-down approach, whereby the required business outcomes are mapped directly onto what the user must be able to do; when they must be able to do it; and where it is most successfully done.  The systems the business relies on to deliver the required value for users must also be considered and any potential anomalies (i.e. a bandwidth-hungry application required where only low-bandwidth connectivity exists) identified.  Similarly the impact of availability loss to those services and any required contingency must be factored in.

Wide ranging

We provide broad expertise that enables us to unify the required types of connectivity into scalable, reliable infrastructure solutions, optimised for the delivery of workspace and collaboration projects, alongside any other business enablement initiatives.  Whether essential connectivity between two offices, 4G connectivity to drive a new mobility initiative, a solution to deliver business continuity services for critical applications, or short-term access to server infrastructure required to support pre-production testing, our products and services come together in the way that best suits the customer’s required business outcomes.

How we can make Infrastructure work for you:

Professional Services

We provide a number of key professional services to help you leverage transformational technologies in order to achieve your strategic business objectives.

Networks and Connectivity

Alternative’s networks and connectivity solutions help businesses meet their high performance network goals with new levels of security, availability, performance, and operational simplicity.

IT Services

Moving your IT to cloud-based computing can enable faster and more efficient business models via our hosted managed solutions such as Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service.


Our mobile solutions are implemented to meet challenges such as that of BYOD, the advent of 4G and a multi-platform choice.

Fixed Voice

Our FutureVoice service includes leading telephony solutions such as SIP, Non-Geographical Numbers, Call Management and ISDN.