The digital age has significantly changed the way we think about where we work. Where once people could only work effectively in offices, high-speed, ultra-pervasive data connectivity and powerful, easy-to-use devices, have created a world today in which anywhere can be used as a transitional workspace.

With data the very lifeblood of business, a secure, familiar, easy to use and reliable window to the information we need to do our jobs is one of the most essential parts of modern working life. Similarly, users want things to be where they left them, so that their unique/preferred ways of working may be accommodated. Easy in principle of course, but the plethora of devices and associated operating systems means that creating an environment to deliver such can be almost impossible using the wide-range of native operating environments, irrespective of how similar they appear at the surface.

Alternative delivers workspace solutions designed to create the same secure, predictable and dependable user experience, irrespective of the device used to access such. Our Virtual Desktop Workspace solutions are highly secure and deliver excellent end-user experience which is less affected by the quality of the underpinning connectivity than traditional client server deployments. It includes all the business applications, e-mail, collaboration and document sharing features needed for a business to thrive.

Available as on premise or fully hosted in the cloud, the Alternative proposition ensures that customers can deliver the workspaces their users need with the commercial framework, resource models and billing plan required to best suit their business.

How we can make Workspace work for you:

Professional Services

We provide a number of key professional services to help you leverage transformational technologies in order to achieve your strategic business objectives.

IT Services

Moving your IT to cloud-based computing can enable faster and more efficient business models via our hosted managed solutions such as Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service.


Our mobile solutions are implemented to meet challenges such as that of BYOD, the advent of 4G and a multi-platform choice.

Networks and Connectivity

Alternative’s networks and connectivity solutions help businesses meet their high performance network goals with new levels of security, availability, performance, and operational simplicity.